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Instagram Travel Accounts We Can Rely on

Instagram Travel Accounts We Can Rely on

In the time it takes to make your morning coffee, you can paraglide across the heart-fluttering heights of the French Alps, or watch a pride of lions fight over Masai Mara territory in Africa. You can squeeze 30 seconds of an adrenaline-inducing roller coaster ride into your mundane Monday morning routine. Ten minutes from now, you could be coasting down Route 96 in the front seat of a Bugatti Veyron.

The introduction of Instagram has made travel inspiration abundantly accessible. More than ever before, travel-inspired Instagram accounts are persuading us to embrace our wanderlust and see more of the world for ourselves.

But with great power, comes great responsibility.

Editing apps and staged photography have been infiltrating our social media feeds as of late, and it’s become easier than ever to drown in false representations of ‘the real world’. While we’re busy blasting celebrities and influencers for editing their appearance online, the most powerful and photographed subject of all time is being forgotten. We’re stepping in to fight a case for the beautiful – yet positively mute – Mother Earth.

At Waldo, whether we’re stepping or scrolling, we only follow people we trust. That’s why we’re asking social media whiz Bianca Bridges about the Instagram accounts she trusts when looking for travel inspo.


“Lauren’s account makes me want to drop everything and move somewhere tropical. When she was in Bali, she posted a picture of a vegan feast at Peloton Supershop, a plant-based cafe and cycle store in Berawa. I knew that when I was there, I had to make a visit, so we went completely out of our route to stop by for breakfast. It was 100% worth it – we still listen to tracks that we heard playing in the store, and I still salivate when I think of those colourful dishes! There’s no denying the picture she posted was absolutely beautiful, but the reality was just as incredible. There have been other examples of when I’ve visited certain places photographed by Lauren, so can speak first-hand when I say that the photography on her account is authentic and real.”





“Sometimes when you visit a new city, it’s so easy to get caught up in the touristy stuff and must-visit sights and stops. When looking at @Polabur’s account, it made me crave a trip back to Amsterdam to visit cafes and enjoy the city in a more laid back way. I did that trip a few months ago, and it was an incredible weekend spent soaking up the best of the city and living like a local. @Polabur’s account captured the beauty and magic of the city so wonderfully, without turning it into a unrealistically perfect destination. When I visited, no part of me was disappointed with where I was and what I saw, which sometimes happens if you’ve been inspired to visit a place after following advice from an instagram account.” 




“Although I had already booked my trip to New Zealand, when Tara started posting about it, it got me really excited for the trip and made me plan the most extensive of itineraries. I didn’t end up visiting the exact spots she did (I did however check out that spa online, although it was out of our price range since we wanted to go bungee jumping instead!) – there’s just so much to do in New Zealand, and the trip was unforgettable. I love Tara’s account because she posts such a variety of pictures, arty shots in particular. The art galleries Tara visits make for amazing selfies and illusional pictures, which are just as fun to photograph in real life. You can see from the number of comments Tara receives thanking her for the best holiday advice, that her followers take-on her recommendations and are not disappointed when they get to the airport!”



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