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What the Internet Is Saying About Waldo Contacts

What the Internet Is Saying About Waldo Contacts

Almost two years since launch, we’ve been sparking conversation around the importance of making premium quality daily contact lenses affordable and hassle-free. And now, the internet has started talking.

While we’ve been busy opening the eyes of daily contact lens wearers everywhere, our blue boxes – featuring calming midnight blue colour tones and instantly recognisable branding – have been appearing in bathrooms, bedrooms and bags across the world (just over 125,000 boxes to be exact). And thousands of contact lens wearers can’t be wrong. Right?

Scroll down to read what the internet is saying about Waldo contact lenses.

“Meet Waldo, the luxury eye contacts you need in your life” – British GQ

“Offering premium quality lenses made affordable via a direct to consumer subscription process” – Forbes

“WHEN I first tried Waldo’s “vitamin enhanced” lenses, I thought they would be a gimmick – but they are brilliant. I have been prone to dry eyes in the past but these kept my peepers lubricated all day. These are all I use now.” – Fabulous Magazine

“Waldo is a revolutionary daily contact lens startup that takes clear, affordable vision directly to its customers in a fun and fashionable way.” – About Time Magazine

“Waldo provides the highest quality daily contact lenses, at a fraction of the cost of other brands out there” – Paul Harasymowycz, Head of Glaucoma Research Unit at the University of Montreal.

“I can finally see again. Ohhh thanks Waldo contacts!!” – Poppy Jamie (Founder of Pop and Suki)

“They could certainly teach a lot of other companies on how to achieve customer satisfaction! I would recommend their vitamin lenses for anyone who suffers from dry eyes – but whichever lenses you go for, their customer services is second to none.” – Nerina Foulsham

“Very comfortable lenses. I wear them from 9 in the morning until 11 at night. Love them.” – Judy Wilkins

“Easy to sign up, good communication from the Waldo team, stylish packaging and always delivered on time. Would definitely recommend.” – Rebecca

“Waldo’s lenses are comfortable, easy to put on and you don’t feel them during your day.” – Izabela

“Quick delivery and really comfortable fit” – Millie

“Really good cheap and quick service. Comfortable on the eyes too I’m a long haul flight attendant and these really don’t dry out my eyes.” – Carl

At Waldo, we’ve made it easy for you to feel the difference for yourself, by taking advantage of our free trial. That’s your first box free so you can experience the service and try the lenses yourself. It’s no commitment and hassle-free, you just pay the small postage fee and we’ll do the rest.



That’s right, it’s no secret – we offer a Free Trial to all new Waldo members.


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