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I Started Waldo for People Like You

I Started Waldo for People Like You

Contact lenses have, for the best part of 18 years, been the starting point to my day. I have always found them too expensive, a hassle to buy and I have never experienced any joy when buying them.

While completing my Masters sitting in my University dorm room at 3am, with burning eyes after a long day of studying, I started to wonder about my lenses. Who makes them? Why are they so expensive? Most importantly, why does the cost differ so much depending on where I buy them? As it turns out, really complicated distribution channels and greedily high margins taken at every point in the distribution cycle means contact lens wearers were losing out to big pharmaceutical companies.

After months of investigation and product testing with opticians, I found world-class suppliers who were able to create contact lenses of a quality akin to the best contacts in the world. Also, by going directly to you, I found that we could sell a high quality product for significantly less than other brands of the same standard.

I chose the name Waldo because it sounds like ‘world’ – my lenses had been such a core part of every adventure, holiday and excursion I have taken. Contact lenses are such an important enabler for me and part of my day, I felt there needed to be a brand that was about vision and exploration instead of pharmaceutical products that make customers feel like there is something wrong with them.

We decided to make the ‘A’ in the logo look like an eye because I want Waldo to continually surprise and delight our customers.

In our short lifespan, I am proud to say that over 45,000 people are now wearing Waldo around the world. Despite reaching some huge milestones over the past year, some things never change. It is still our mission to bring you happiness, each and every time you open your blue Waldo box. We can’t wait to see the world with you.

All the best,


Founder at Waldo


That’s right, it’s no secret – we offer a Free Trial to all new Waldo members.


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